The Seasonal Ceremonies is a series of intimate workshops for women, created to help you connect with yourself + live and create from within, in tune with the natural rhythms of your body and the earth. 

In 2018 these workshops will be held in Copenhagen (DK) and in Oslo (NO) - one in WINTER, one in SPRING, one in SUMMER and one in FALL.

Each ceremony is closely related to the season in which it takes place - and designed to give you a greater sense of what this specific season has to offer + what it invites you to focus on/create/learn/let go of etc. 

Each ceremony is different, and mirroring the current season, but they all contain a combination of my most cherised tools and rituals:


There will be lots of tea, chocolate, warm blankets, poetry and healing music too. I aim to create safe, nourishing, aesthetical and uplifting spaces - where you are invited to let go of what you no longer need + make room for the transformation you are longing for,  in a very gentle way. 

The Seasonal Ceremonies are for women who want to

dive deeper into their creativity

connect with the body, the earth and the natural rhythms of life

unleash their potential

connect with other curious souls in an safe space

No special skills or knowledge are needed - anyone can join! 

Check out my calendar for info about upcoming events.

And don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.