I believe in the power of ritual.

I believe in the importance of coming together in circle.

I believe that ceremonies matter - that they have the ability to lift us up from everyday life - and help us see more clearly what we have become, and where we would like to go next.

So many of us are brought up in a culture that has left the ancient ways behind. A culture without meaningful rituals, without circles to support us, without ceremonies that can help us through the big transitions in life.

And I believe it is time for us to find a way to return. To reclaim what is ours. To weave the old ways into our modern way of living; to come together - in grief, in celebration, in doubt, in awe; to share openly and listen deeply; to create sacred spaces where deep healing and real connection can occur.

Creating such spaces - and exploring how we can come together in meaningful ways - is one of my biggest passions. I see myself as a spaceholder. And as a ceremonialist. I currently focus on creating circles for women - spaces where we can reconnect with ourselves and eachother, commune with spirit, receive guidance and give thanks. And find our place in the story of all things.

I am constantly looking for ways to expand and deepen this work, and in the future I am hoping to offer circles for other groups as well.

Check out my calendar to learn more about the circles and the ceremonies I am holding space for. You are also more than welcome to join my newsletter if you would like to receive news and updates about my work.