My name is Hanne Hvattum, and this website is my little corner of the world wide web. 

I am a writer, a photographer, a mother, a dancer, a curious investigator of life. And a myriad of other things. But beneath all the titles and labels, I am simply a human being looking for connection and belonging. I want to experience life fully. I want to be present enough to see every tiny flower, feel the rain against my face, hear the mighty roar of the ocean - and the silence beneath it. I want to know myself deeply and I want to know others deeply. I want to create from my core, and to rest when it's time to rest, aligned with the cycles of nature, carried by the rhythm that carries all things.   

I am here to be me.

And to support others in being themselves too.

I believe that we are all small but shiny threads in the vast and mystical tapestry of life. That we are intrinsically woven together. And that the world becomes richer and more beautiful as we find the courage and the companionship we need, in order to reveal our deepest hues and our most sincere colors.

My work is constantly growing and changing, as I am growing and changing. 

Sometimes it surfaces in the shape of words.

Sometimes in the shape of images.

Sometimes as a circle, a gathering, a ritual in real life – where we can share our dreams, our grief, our visions, the yearnings of our hearts. 

And often my work is simply to listen. To tend to things. Do the dishes. Work in the garden. Hear the birds. Keep my heart open when it wants to close. Smile at strangers. Smile at myself. Look closely. Be still. Keep going.  

This website is a place for me to share the work I do, the beauty I stumble upon, the questions I ponder, the discoveries I make as I journey further into the unknown.  

I am glad you are here with me. 

I hope you will find something here that will nourish your own work, your own heart, your own mysterious journey.