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I love making portraits.

After working as a photographer for more than ten years - and taking pictures in a lot of different ways and styles - I have come to realize that photographing people is what really makes my heart sing. There is something deeply meaningful and touching in being allowed to witness another human being. And over and over again I am moved and amazed by the beauty that shines through, as people let go of their armour and allow themselves to be seen. 

I take natural portraits of natural people. No stylist. No huge lamps with artificial light. Just you and me. And nature. And the images that emerge when we dive into the present moment together and let it unfold. My goal is not to capture the perfect you, but the real you. To create a space where you can feel free to be yourself and express yourself in a natural way. And I believe that it is possible for the camera to go beyond the surface. To catch a bit of your essence - the Soul if you like.

I have come to describe these photo sessions as Portrait Ceremonies. Because that's what this work is to me. A sacred ritual - a celebration of who you are and what you have become. I do not only bring my camera when I come to take your portrait, I also bring a selection of my ceremonial tools (bells, music, tarot cards etc.). And I often weave in some meditation and movement as well - to help us both ground and relax and have fun.

For some people a Portrait Ceremony is pure joy. For others it can trigger old feelings of insecurity and a fear of being seen - and come with a bit of resistance. My goal is to create a safe space where anything that needs to arise can arise, and both tears and laughter are welcome.  I know from experience that this work can bring healing on many levels - both to the one in front of the camera and to the one behind the lense.  

The price of a Portrait Ceremony is 

3000 DKK + VAT

(Note: from December 1st 2017 the price will be 4000 DKK + VAT)

This price includes

A small opening ceremony where we tune into each other + the energy of the day + the underlying theme of the portrait session.

1 1/2 hour of photography - in a calm, safe and playful atmosphere.

Online gallery with photos, so you can choose your own favorites.

10 edited portraits - in both color and black&white - sent directly to your e-mail.

(If you want to buy additional photos, the price is 250 DKK per photo. Additional photos can be bought up to a year after the photo ceremony)

Being allowed to see someone through my camera is always an honor - and something I deeply cherish. And I always return from this work feeling truly inspired, uplifted and grateful. 

Write me an email at if you want to make a booking - or if you have any questions. You are also welcome to give me a call if you want to have a noncommittal talk to see if it feels right for us to work together.




“At være og arbejde sammen med Hanne er som en rejse, hvor begge parter bagefter fortsætter livet lidt mere farverige og rummelige end før. Hanne er ikke blot en dygtig fotograf og poet - hun er et sandt og ærligt medmenneske.”

— Hanne Marie le Fevre

“Hanne Hvattum har et helt unikt talent for at møde, se og forstå det menneske hun skal portrættere. Da Hanne fotograferede mig en sensommerdag på stranden oplevede jeg, at blive mødt med ro, fokuseret professionalisme og alligevel ydmyghed over at skulle se ind i mig. Hanne skabte med det samme et trygt og rart space, hvor jeg kunne være helt mig selv og være åben og ærlig i mit udtryk. Da vi var færdige med fotosessionen (inden jeg overhovedet havde set resultatet!) havde jeg en let fornemmelse i kroppen og følte mig så respektfuldt og kærligt behandlet.Resultatet viste sig at være meget smukke, ærlige billeder.”

— Malene Beldring Olsen

“Det var en dejlig oplevelse at få taget portrætter af Hanne! Jeg er ellers meget genert om at få taget fotos, men Hanne tog sig god tid og gav super gode råd til hvordan man kommer ud af sin skal. Jeg er så glad for mine drømme-billeder! ”

— Caritas Fischer